Laurens Thys (1995) is an artist based in Hasselt, Belgium. Thys’ work explores documentary storytelling in his own unique visual language. His photographic approach can be defined as cinematic and architectural. The work takes shape as exhibition installations and self-published photobooks. In 2019 he received a master’s degree in photography at the Luca School of Arts in Genk. He graduated with the start of his first large-scale documentary called ‘granitsa’ which was recently published on VICE, Photographic Museum of Humanity and Metropolis M.

2014 - 2018  Luca School of Arts, Bachelor in Visual Arts, Genk, BE
2018 - 2019  Luca School of Arts, Master in Visual Arts, Genk, BE 
2019 - 2020  Luca School of Arts, Educational Master in Visual and Audiovisual Arts, Genk, BE

2018  Mustafah Abdulaziz, Documentary Photography Masterclass, Berlin, DE
2020  Provincial Art School, Teacher Photography, Hasselt, BE 
2020  Villa Basta vzw, Educational Video Analogue Photography, Hasselt, BE
2018  50°59’21.4”N 5°27’36.6”E, Pact, Genk, BE
2019  Book Dummy 50°59’21.4”N 5°27’36.6”E, Photobook Belge, FOMU, Antwerp, BE
2019  60:00, Four in the morning, Z33 Huis voor hedendaagse kunst, Hasselt, BE
2019  Granitsa, Master show EXIT 19, Thor Central, Genk, BE
2019  Granitsa, Luca Showcase, C-mine Gallery, Genk, BE
2020  Granitsa, Different Frames, De Serre, Hasselt, BE

2019  Granitsa, Metropolis M, Graduation Issue

2018  Winner Pitch, De Donkere Kamer, C-mine, Genk, BE
2019  Preview Granitsa, In The Picture, C-mine Crib, Genk, BE
2020  Granitsa, Provincial Art School, Hasselt, BE
2020  Granitsa, Atlas College for Arts and Design, Genk, BE